Information boards with mountain peaks and ranges and towns that I designed for the Muszyna Municipal Office and the INFRA-TEL company.

The boards were mounted on the top floor of the viewing tower on the overlooking and picturesque Malnik mountain in Muszyna (southern Poland).

If you are ever in this area you must go to Malnik, because the views from this tower are breathtaking.

Here you have a pin with the location.
WOW, those views are amazing, aren't they?
Some boards details.
SOUTH – graphic design
NORTH – graphic design
WEST – graphic design
EAST – graphic design
The first version I proposed to the client. However, he opted for a maximally simple graphic design.
A wooden tower with boards on the top floor.
Thank you for watching!

You don't have to believe me that Mt Malnik is beautiful, it would be better if you went there yourself :)

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